Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pRimp your librarian re-cap

pRimp your librarian, held last Thursday night at the Bayview branch library, was a huge success! Conveniently coinciding with the Library Commission meeting in the next room, the program encouraged teens to do two things at once: give their Teen Librarian a new look (well, several new looks!) and speak out publicly about teens in the public library.

New looks meant different clothes, makeup, and accessories for Teen Librarian Wendy. Basic categories included Classic, Sporty, and Sexy, with a few that were a little of all three! To the left is the "Before" picture.

To the right is the librarian in the bulletin board-converted "dressing room:"

Check back soon for pics of the Bayview Teen Librarian dressed in different outfits, along with pics of participating Teens!

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