Friday, September 14, 2007

more pRimp your librarian photos

Hello again from the Bayview library! Here is a link to more photos from last week's pRimp your librarian program and presentation to the Library Commission:

I will add more pics as I get permissions from teen participants. Comments welcome!


Ms. Doyle said...

This is so cool! Hope the program was as fun as it looks.

sfazncitygurl said...

Wendy! What did you let them do to you?

I love your pictures. Speaking to the Library Commission in a wrestling outfit must have been priceless. Why don't we do cool things like this at the Portola?

We miss you over here!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,I m a librarian,too.but not as u.i think the most important things for a librarian is to be full knnowlege in order to be succesful,u ar tring to be diffrent its obvious but u should be cfarful about ur job & other librarians either,dont u????