Thursday, November 02, 2006

Do you love a good poem?

Have you tried your hand at writing poetry? Of course you have. So post your poems here! The following is a poem from a local San Francisco teen.

by K. Fong

I see fog and mist outside my window. It's really foggy, but this is innate October weather in San Francisco. It's actually kind of beautiful; in an odd Edward Scissor hands type way. I can see an indistinct outline of the Golden Gate Bridge, with its rusted copper paint and arches. Residential homes are in neat little rows, like dominoes ready to be knocked down. There are many imperfections to some of these houses, some are old, and some are new, some are yellow and some are blue.

Looking for a good poetry book? Well check out the library of course. Have a suggestion? post it here.


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TAC said...

why blue lagoon.
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