Friday, June 02, 2006

Booklists: The Inside Scoop- Sizzling Summer Read

Summer is almost upon us. Gone are the days of assigned school books and before us are the days of fun and lighthearted reading.

My suggestion for a Sizzling Summer Read? My Pick for the perfect beach book? My choice for the comatose days before us?

The Insiders
-J. Minter

Jonathan is the glue that keeps his friends together. Through break-ups, wild parties, shopping sprees and a cousin who sets her sights on his friends, Jonathan is there to make sure his group stays together. Join this eclectic crew in an exciting romp through New York City as they test the definitions of friendship and love.

Continue the excitement with these Insiders novels:

Pass It On: An Insiders Novel

Take It Off: An Insiders Novel

Break Every Rule: An Insiders Novel

Hold On Tight

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