Thursday, June 01, 2006

Booklists: The Coldest Winter Ever

Every month I perform a sort of ritual. This ritual is as certain as the orbit of the planets in the Milky Way galaxy. The ritual is ordering new copies of The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. The Coldest Winter Ever may in fact be the most stolen book in the TEEN collection. And those copies that are not secreted away are checked out and never returned! So, month after month I order more copies of this TEEN favorite. I know, I know I could just order 40 copies a year and be done with it, but there is a certain satisfaction of ordering the book every month. It means that the book is popular, that some TEEN out there likes this book; wants to read this book. So dutifully I purchase more copies.

Books like The Coldest Winter Ever are sometimes referred to as "Urban Fiction". In the past few months I have been getting more and more requests for Urban Fiction and happily I do my best to provide TEENS with as many books as they can read.

Have you read The Coldest Winter Ever? Tell us what you think and make a recommendation, right here for other TEENS to read.

In the mean time here are some of my picks:


Imani All Mine
-Connie Porter

-Walter Dean Myers

-Sharon Flake

Ballad of a Ghetto Poet
-AJ White

The Dying Ground
-Nichelle Tramble

Living for the City
-Jervy Tervalon

Too Beautiful for Words
-Monique Morris

Autobiography of My Dead Brother
-Walter Dean Myers

Money Hungry
-Sharon Flake

-Kalisha Buckhanon

Coming Soon to a Library Near You........

Bluford series
Hip-Hop High School
Teenage Bluez

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