Monday, May 22, 2006

Did you know.....

Did you know that folks UNDER 18 do not pay overdue fines on items checked out on their card?
Often, teens have stacks of books at home that are years overdue (not you! some other teen). Then the library sends them "the letter". "The Letter" in a very stern tone informs the teen that they owe hundreds of dollars in overdue fines. What results is the teen stays away from the library because they owe all this cash. Don't stay away. BRING THE ITEM BACK and OWE NOTHING.

The library just wants the books back. So please bring them back. Once they are checked-in, your outrageous overdue fine disappears and you can once again check-out library materials.

Did you know that a replacement library card is 50cents (insert 5ocent joke here) for those under 18? Your first library card is of course FREE.

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Ivan Chew said...

Thanks for this post! We've been thinking about this back in Singapore. Would love to learn more from you folks, e.g. does this policy result in more teens using the library? Or does it mean teens who aren't inclined to read will ignore this anyway? Do adults use this policy for their own use, rather than the teens? Replies here or via email ( would be much appreciated. Cheers.