Thursday, October 16, 2008

TEEN READ WEEK CHALLENGE DAY 5 (a little early!)!!

DAY 5: There’s a teen event on November 15th at the Main Library called “Twilight Movie ________.” (fill in the blank). Hint: go to . Click “Events,” scroll to Teen Center at the bottom and find an event for Nov 15th.

Instructions: Find out the answer to each question for the all 5 days this week and email all 5 answers (they spell out a secret message) to by Monday October 20th at 5pm. HINT: visit to start your search. Drawing will take place on Wednesday October 22nd. You may start playing at anytime during the week and go back to previous days' questions. With 5 correct answers, you could win a blood-red iPod Nano (8 GB)!

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