Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wire fans check out Snoop Grace After Midnight

Grace After Midnight is a memoir by Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, actress on the HBO hit show The Wire. Born a cross-eyed crack baby fitting in the palm of your hand, Snoop was an only child who didn’t get the chance to know what her real family was like, but she wanted to, badly. She was sent to a foster home where a couple grew to love and raise her as if she were their own. Always staying to herself she sat on the stoop in front of her house staring all day learning the ways of the streets in East Baltimore .When going to school she stayed to herself because everyone always made fun of her being cross-eyed. Snoop lets the reader into her life by sharing the memories and stories of her life and how she became the person that we see on the HBO series The Wire: not living with her mother, who chose to do drugs over her, a father that chose to sell drugs and live a thug life over raising his child. Felicia had to deal with the fact she was cross-eyed, wear glasses, dress like a boy, and being a lesbian. Then one day a guy went up to her, because he noticed how she just sat in the same spot everyday studying the streets, and he started talking to her and asked her to hold a package for him. When he came back a few hours later, she handed over the package and he went on his way, and that’s when life started to turn for Snoop. Later she became a corner boy on the rough streets of East Baltimore. When I first picked up the book I was locked in by the birth of Snoop. She made you feel emotional from the description of the way she looked at birth. She writes about the hope she lost when she met her father for the first and only time in her life, the loneliness she felt because she had no one she could relate to. She put her story out there, not asking for sympathy or anything, just wanting to shed a light on the struggles she went through and overcame. She had positive people in her life that tried their best to influence her. She hits the spot with the reality of how you have to live with the choices you make in life. While in prison, Snoop has a reality check about the life style she lived before going to prison; she is changed because of the thing that happened to the people she came to know as Uncle and Father. The book sums up victory in the midst of hardship.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Wire fan and I thot this book was amazing. Do you think she'll ever be in a movie? She a had a true epiphany!