Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reviews from the Teen Manga/Anime Club

Here are some reviews from the monthly Manga/Anime Club that meets at the Main Library. The next meeting is Friday, March 14th at 4pm. Main library 2nd floor, Fisher Childrens Center.

Angel Diary v.6

Its about some guardians coming to earth looking for the Heaven Princess. At the end of Volume 5, the princess was taken away by a demon and the guardians must find her. Its a comedy and fantasy at the same time.

Valerie, age 12

Quality: 4 (better than most)

Popularity: 4 (broad general appeal)

Pop Fiction Previews V.1

The chapters were well translated. Full Metal Panic was funny and Missing was very interesting because it had a mysterious feel to it. Black Knights of the Silver Gray Castle is suspenseful with mutiny within the castle. Good Witch of the West has a lot of action and mysteries waiting to be unsolved. Alex Unlimited dealt with an insecure teen but there is a lot of action too plus the teen has special powers.

Linda, age 14

Quality: 5 (hard to imagine it being written better)

Popularity: 3 (some appeal)

Kitchen Princess V.5

This is about a girl who totall loves to cook. It is a romantic comedy and I totally loved it.

Cindy, age 15

Quality: 5 (hard to imagine it being written better)

Popularity: 5 (everyone was dying to read it yesterday)

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S.F. Teen Librarians said...

Thanks for the reviews! I will show them to the Bayview Comics Club, which meets the last Saturdayof every month.
Wendy, Teen Librarian @ Bayview branch