Friday, January 25, 2008

Hip Hop Karaoke

Last night's Battle for the Tweens: Hip Hop Karaoke Night at the Bayview branch library was a smash! Soulja Boy (aka Wendy Kramer the Bayview Teen Librarian) and MC Wannabe (aka Darcel Jones the Bayview Children's Librarian) fronted to earn the respect of a handful of 10-14 year old TWEEN competitors. Emcee Flavor Flav (aka MisDajania Tillery) kept the peace at the mic. Poet and Library Tech Jessie Whiley kept score. Jamar was the eldest judge (the youngest was 2) and took home the Blue Bear MP3 player raffle. Nick Chen of Blue Bear School of Music was behind he mixer and equipment.
Chanelle won First Place Teen with Angel. Kamia the hostess got 2nd. Jessie (way too old to be a
teen, but a winner all the same) took home the Mickey D gift certificates for 3rd for his rendition
of old school Michael Jackson's Billy Jean.

The evening ended LOUD with everybody up on
stage for Crank Dat Soulja Boy.

Best Photography went to Don De Alba. To see last night's pics,
To see MC Wannabe sing Baby Boy click Here

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