Thursday, March 01, 2007

What do you think of CITY BEAT booklist?

Ms. Bosslady from the YMCA Just for Girls afterschool program has read practically every title on this list! Maybe you have, too. Here are her one-word opinions:

Tyrell WEAK

Money Hungry TIGHT

Who am I Without Him? Short Stories about Girls and the Boys in Their Lives GOOD

Bronx Masquerade GOOD

Teenage Bluez GOOD

Bluford Series GOOD

Harlem Hustle TIGHT

Street Love GREAT

Hip-Hop High School GOOD

Flyy Girl GOOD

Ballad of a Ghetto Poet WEAK

Now, I know a lot of y'all out there will DISAGREE. So give us some comments!!!!!


literaticat said...

I heart TYRELL!

Anonymous said...

mann.... yall geeking these books go soooo...hard.... expecially flyy girl....yall should go and hit that book up so time!!!!!!!!!!