Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bluford Booklist


What's it like to be the new kid at school? When does revenge on a bully go to far? What happens when you start to fear your boyfriend? The Bluford Series takes place at Bluford High. Follow the lives of students as they deal with these problems and more; the return of an absent father, troubled home life and daily trials that make high school well...high school. Check out all the titles in the series. AND tell us what you think. POST YOUR REVIEWS.

Lost and Found

A Matter of Trust

Secrets in the Shadows

Someone to Love Me

The Bully

The Gun

Until We Meet Again

Blood is Thicker

Brothers in Arms

Summer of Secrets

The Fallen


Search for Safety

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Anonymous said...

i love these books so much they so good man i wish i can rite like that.

Anonymous said...

I love all these books but most of all Bully that book was so good i wanted to email you guts and ask can you all make a movie out of it and let me act as derrel

Anonymous said...

O.s Reppers

These books was so great I had to read them over and over and over and over again.

Yall should make a book about how this girl was living with her older drug dealing brother because of their parents death and she find her self getting in love but also finds out she is preganent and dont know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Omg I love these teacher passed them out on the first day of school....and i wasnt really in the mood for reading...but once i started them i couldnt stop! Ya'll really need to turn them into a movie!

Carla said...

I have all 15 books and i can't stop reading them I tell all my friends 'bowt them and they started to buy them:) These books are rampant in a good way.If you guys made one of of these books into a movie i would love to act in one!!!These books are unbeliveable nuff said!!!